Is Alchera-ACS a medical device?

➞ It is not a medical device for body temperature measurement, but as an access control system through heat detection, which complies with the recommendations and guidelines of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Is the temperature measurement accurate?
➞ For the Alchera-ACS H model, we are using the world’s No. 1. Heimann thermal image sensor. This product has an accuracy of ± 0.3 measurement error.
Does it recognize a face image?
➞ As a product with a Liveness Detection function, it detects the face of a real person and does not detect faces in a video or image.
Is there a WiFi connection?
➞ Pull down the notification bar from the top of the screen twice, click and hold the first Wi-Fi button on the top left to set and access more details.
How do I access the PC App?
❶ First, connect to the same IP as ACS and PC.

❷ Connect the power supply to the terminal. The app starts automatically.

TIP: If the app does not run, it is the same as that of a general tablet or smartphone. Touch the face shape app.

❸ When the app is running, tap the gear (environment setting). Please log in again.

❹ Select the GATE device setting.

❺ After entering the number entered on the network into the PC address bar, enter: 5050
ex) ( Enter address bar

❻ Enter the master address, administrator ID, and PW on the administrator login page and connect to it.

※ For more details, please refer to the 'User Manual’.